Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, you must use your Visions Card for payment.

Q. Where can I find a list of merchants participating in this program?
A. Complete list of merchants with available offers can be found on the site under the browse button. You can also view merchants by category.

Q. How many deals do I get per merchant?
A. The number of redemption's you get per merchant varies by the merchant. Redemption's are tracked on an annual basis so after you use your redemption's for a calendar year they will not be repopulated or replaced until January of the following year.

Q. How do I redeem my mobile coupon?
A. When you are at the merchant location and ready to use your coupon, simply select "Redeem" from your mobile device and present the coupon to the merchant. The merchant will then verify the coupon is valid by verifying the SaveAround logo's are actively spinning and they may ask you to enter a confirmation number for them.

Q. I selected to email the coupon, however the email I received doesn't have a coupon?
A. The email you receive will contain a link. Depending on your device settings, that link is a hyperlink, meaning you can click on it and it will open a pdf file that downloads to your device so you may print it. If there is no hyperlink, you can copy that link and paste it into a web browser and it will then download for you.

Q. I selected Print Coupon and nothing happened?
A. When you print a coupon, depending on your computer settings, the coupon will either automatically open as a pdf viewable file or it may download to your computer. If the pdf file opened, you are then able to see the coupon and select Print to print to your local printer. If the coupon did not open, please locate the folder that houses your internet downloads and the file will be there. The file name will begin with the word Coupon followed by the year, month, day and time in numerics (e.g. Coupon-20190501115618).

Q. Why does my printed certificate expire in 14 days?
A. So we can alert our merchants of the offers they may expect to see coming in their doors, we must limit the days a printed certificate is valid for. The offer itself is valid until December 31 unless otherwise specified. However, once you print the certificate, that print out is only valid for 14 days.